I’ve been keeping some memo books lately on various topics and one of them is entitled “Gratitude,” which is a bulleted list of what I am grateful for whenever I think of something. It’s been a challenging exercise, especially given that life is so boring lately. But, it does feels nice that I was able to occasionally recognize that nice feeling arising throughout the past couple months. So, for the heck of it I will share what I came up with during the month of March.

I didn’t date any of these entries so I have no idea what “today” or “tonight” means other than some day or night in March. Anyway, let’s get on with it, this past March, I was grateful for…

  • That I was able to get out and take a walk before it got totally dark. I got a very nice hot choco from the coffee shop down the road.
  • My calendar. I get to write things on it like reminders, appointments, and vacations. It’s a great addition to any wall. 
  • The scented candle that I recently bought. It’s White Strawberry Belini scented, and it smells delightful! My room smells like a giant fruit-flower and I am loving it.
  • Another beautiful day outside. When I was driving and listening to a song called “Nite Swim,” I felt very cheery with the nice weather. 
  • My computer mouse! The Logitech G502 fits my hand perfectly! Getting things done is so much easier with how precise, fast, and comfortable it is. 
  • My crocs. They are so comfortable to wear around the house. 
  • That I’m not feeling anxious tonight, a rare but welcome occurrence!  
  • My full length mirror that I recently got. I can see what I look like when I’m sitting or standing at any given time. I am especially grateful for the realization that I seldom have looked disgusting or hideous so far. Definitely helps the low self esteem a bit. 
  • Art! I did some browsing on Society6, and I didn’t buy anything just yet, but there was this lovely pink and blue painting of the ocean. I love that color gradient, it’s so pretty!
  • I like that the morning birds are chirping on this Sunday morning, I find it quite relaxing and uplifting.
  • The sun. It burnt me today, I think, which isn’t very nice, but on the other hand, it did uplift my mood. 
  • That I was able to relax and be with myself on this Friday night without feeling depressed or lonely. Just like the old days – me, a movie and peace.
  • The person that sent me a very kind and thoughtful message the other day when I was feeling very down on myself.
  • The smell of the rain.

That’s all, I know it’s nothing particularly riveting, but regardless, thanks for stopping by!

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