All Hail To the Thief, All Hail To the Thief!

And we’re back with more Radiohead talk.

I had been putting off listening to Hail To the Thief for quite some time now. It’s easy to see why: pretty much everything about this album at an initial glance is unappealing. For one, it has a reputation for being one of Radiohead’s Least Good albums. I knew this going in, and for that reason it was actually pretty challenging to put the biased thoughts that stemmed from that knowledge aside. Thoughts like, “Well most people think it’s not that good, so it’s probably shit.”

On top of that, it’s 56 minutes long, which is pretty long. It takes a very good album to pull off a near full-hour long album well.

And the album cover is hideous.  

But anyway, I eventually got over myself and listened to it. Don’t judge an album by its cover, as they say, probably. Let’s get into the discussion.

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Here’s why Amnesiac is actually better than Kid A

But first, hello again.

I’ve recently been getting into Radiohead these last couple months.

I’ve been getting sort of into them for years, but at a snail’s pace, as in, check out like one of their albums each year. But recently, for whatever reason, I’ve been going absolutely ham on them, so now I am up to 7/9 albums, only two left to get acquainted with! I’ve been enjoying the process of checking out their albums and pitting some of the albums against each other. For whatever reason it’s just a really fun thing to get into this band and form an opinion on which albums are the better albums and which albums are the worse albums.

Anyway recently I decided that I think Amnesiac is better than Kid A, which apparently is a Hot Take.

So I made this writeup about why that is, and looking back on it I am actually really proud of it, woohoo!

So yeah here’s why Amnesiac is better than Kid A.

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Trip to Japan

Two posts in the span of like a week? Wow, amazing, and probably an indication that my next post is not gonna come for like 3 more years. So until then, it’s been real.

Anyway, last April I went to Japan with three friends. About a week afterward, over the course of about two afternoons, I sat in a cafe with a pen and notebook and wrote about the experience. It was a really pleasant 2 afternoons! Every once in a while I’ll go down memory lane and read what I wrote, and as more time goes on, it seems like these memories become more and more special to me – the highs and lows alike. I think the entire experience will always have a special place in my heart, so what the heck, I kind of want to post it here as well.

So here’s what happened when I went to Japan for 8 days.

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Anti-anti-SJWs are important

So something’s been eating at me quite a bit lately, and maybe it will be cathartic to write it down, because I haven’t really had the urge to bring it up at a dinner conversation or anything but there are some things that you have to get out somehow.

It’s about anti-SJWs and anti-anti-SJWs.

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Pinkerton appreciation post

I’ve been meaning to write something about Weezer for a little while now. Specifically I’ve been meaning to type a bit about their album Pinkerton. I feel like I gotta at least try to recall some of those racing thoughts that pass by whenever I listen to this album and put them down on (virtual) paper. It’s almost like I feel as if I have to in order to “move past” it and make it come Undone in my atrociously messy mind. Sorry that was awful.

I think with reading descriptions of movies and music etc, one should be careful. Reading opinions on an album before you listen to it can take the fun out of being able to notice things without the distraction of expectations from whatever you read. And conversely, I think it’s cool to read other people’s thoughts on an album AFTER you yourself get acquainted to it and see how the other person’s thoughts are similar or different. So for this reason, I wouldn’t really even recommend reading this unless you’re already acquainted with the album. Retrospective Edit: On second thought, I wouldn’t really even recommend reading it under any circumstances whatsoever.

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First Post

Making a blog that is a WordPress this time because I don’t want to unnecessarily open another door to mindless social media staring.

Anyway, don’t want to make this too formal, this will pretty much be any sort of writing or thoughts that I feel like putting on here. May include things like thoughts on books, music, creative writing, writing about a cool experience, etc. Let’s see how this goes. Disclaimer, no guarantee that I will update this more often than once every million years.